Frequently Asked Solar Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Installs

We specialise in the Industrial and Commercial (I&C) market, primarily working with customers who consume at least 400,000 kWh of electricity annually at a single site or spend around £100k per site annually. We are solar installers and have worked on projects of all shapes and sizes. Quality is our driving force so whether you are a big company with multiple sites or a small, single unit business, we can help you reduce your energy bills with commercial solar installations.

Solar projects across the UK can produce significant energy. While the output is generally higher in the south, we have successfully implemented projects throughout the UK including the North of Scotland. Advances in solar technology have made it efficient even in areas with less sunshine because modern solar panels don’t need sunlight, they need daylight to produce electricity. Something in plenty of supply throughout the UK.

We only use the top brands of solar panel manufacturers such as SolarEdge who are well known for high-quality and safe inverters. We select the best technology for each project. If you use us for solar installs through a Solar PPA, we fund the project so it is in our best interest to use the most efficient technology to maximise power production.

Roof-mounted projects usually fall under permitted development, requiring only an administrative approval process, which we can assist you with. Ground-mounted projects require planning permission, and we can also assist you in obtaining it.

The requirements vary by project and location. For roof-mounted projects, we conduct a structural roof survey. Ground-mounted projects might require environmental studies, and projects near major roads, airports, or residential areas might need a glint and glare assessment. We manage all necessary studies and permissions on your behalf.

Yes, the local grid can pose challenges. Even if you plan to use all the energy on-site, we need to connect to the grid. We handle the application process and can manage any issues. Occasionally, local infrastructure upgrades may be needed, which we can incorporate into the project costs.

We integrate the solar system with your electrical infrastructure to prioritise using solar power first. When solar power is insufficient (for example, in the dark winter evenings), the system seamlessly switches to grid power. We work with your team to ensure smooth integration.

Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Installs

Solar energy reduces your carbon footprint by generating 100% renewable energy on-site. We provide forecasts and ongoing reports to help you accurately track and report your carbon reductions.

We assess roof orientation, shading, and structural integrity during our initial discussions. We require your energy bills and site layout details to make an informed assessment.

The ROI depends on whether you fund the project or we do. If you fund it, the payback period typically ranges from 5-7 years, based on your current electricity costs and the size of the solar installation. If we fund it, you secure a lower electricity price without any upfront investment. PPA prices are based on various factors.

Once operational, you have access to a real-time energy production portal. If we fund the project, we ensure it remains operational to continue selling you electricity. If you fund it, we can provide ongoing operation and maintenance services for an additional fee.

If we fund the project, we handle all warranties and guarantees to ensure 100% operational efficiency. If you fund it, warranties vary by technology provider, typically ranging from 10-25 years.

This depends on your insurance provider, but generally, it does not significantly impact premiums.

We work with tenants, landlords, and property owners. Solar installations can improve the EPC rating, making them attractive to landlords. The lease length is a key consideration, especially if we fund the project. We can also liaise with landlords on your behalf to facilitate the project.