Battery Storage Services

Store your energy captured by solar panels for when you need it most

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Take control of your business energy usage with battery storage systems that can store solar energy and mains power when it is cheaper so that it can be used instead of peak cost mains electricity.

Battery Storage Systems are an energy storage system for businesses that want to reduce reliance on the grid to lower their energy bills.

They enable energy captured and generated by solar panels to be stored and utilised when required. This offers more flexibility for your business over its electricity usage as it allows you to use much more of your clean, self- generated energy rather than pay for electricity from the national grid that is generated by fossil fuels.  Battery storage has been designed with compatibility in mind, allowing easy integration with existing solar panel systems to maximise onsite use of generated electricity. For example, a solar panel installation array fitted with battery storage technology allows energy to be harnessed and stored during the day. Normally when yield is high and demand is low. Once the sun sets and your solar panels can no longer generate electricity because of a lack of daylight, the battery storage system offers a new source of energy for your business rather than having to pay for energy from the national grid. Our battery systems are built to handle installations on a variety of scales from small scale to large MW commercial properties. If you would like to know more about battery storage systems and how they can benefit your business, please speak to us today for a free quotation.

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How battery storage systems work?

The steps to how a battery storage system works are actually quite simple…

Link devices

Energy is produced by solar panels, converted using an inverter and then fed to the distribution board through renewable technology.

Charge the battery

Electricity is supplied to your business as normal. When the solar power generation exceeds the demand of your business, a control system diverts the power to the battery storage system which begins charging.


When the battery storage system is fully charged, any surplus electricity can then be fed back to the grid generating money for your business.

Utilise the battery

When the power demands of your business exceeds the immediate electricity generating capabilities of the solar panels, power is then instantaneously drawn from the battery using power that has been generated previously from the solar panels.