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The spiralling cost of energy prices is now a huge concern for every UK business.

At Low Energy Services, we are experts in the design and installation of solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging systems and have a proven track record for delivering green energy results for businesses looking for bespoke low carbon electricity generating systems.

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We offer a no obligation remote survey of your property with a view to arranging an initial quotation for a Solar PV and Battery Storage System where suitable. The process includes:-

  • Remote desktop survey of your property
  • Prepare initial quotation for Solar PV System
  • Arrange a suitable time for a Zoom video call to discuss your bespoke quotation.
  • Arrange a site survey if there is sufficient interest in installing the Solar PV System.
  • Arrange final quotation where we can explain, in full, the benefits of the Solar PV System.

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commercial solar installer

The benefits of Solar Energy

Converting the freely available solar rays from the sun into clean electricity and heat has many advantages including:

  • Reducing your impact on the environment
  • It works everywhere – as long as there is daylight!
  • It will reduce your energy bills
  • The peak times for energy use is also the peak times for solar power generation.

The benefits of Battery Storage

Battery Storage Systems (also known as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)) are energy storage devices that work in tandem with solar and wind energy generating devices such as Solar PV and which can then be utilised at any point by the company utilising the storage device.

Battery Storage Systems predominantly used Lithium-ion battery technology like those found in mobile phones, laptops and electric vehicles and allow the potential of Solar Power to be utilised 24/7.

With battery storage systems, we can charge the battery during the day when there is sunlight and then utilise this stored energy in the night time when the solar panels are not able to complete this task – they are filling the energy gap and allowing businesses to us green energy 24 hours a day.

solar installer for business
commercial solar installer

How do solar panels and battery storage work together?

Solar panels create electrical energy from the sun in the form of DC electricity.  You can use that electricity as you see fit while the power is being generated.  However you can convert some of the electricity that you don’t need from DC into AC power and store it in batteries to be used later.

This means that when the solar panels have stopped generating electricity, you can switch to battery power and still be running independent of the national grid. As and when the battery has depleted its energy supply (if it even gets to that stage), you can then switch again to the national grid power supply.

This means that, depending on your energy requirements, you can run your building entirely on renewable energy generated from your own premises – day and night!