Solar PV

Power your business with the energy of the sun!

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules harness energy from the sun and generate this into electricity for use in and around your building. Contrary to what you may think, Solar Panels do not require direct sunlight to generate electricity but rather they depend on daylight to produce electricity. This means that a solar panel system can provide energy all year around, even on a cloudy day in Scotland. Solar Panels produce energy on site which can significantly reduce your businesses reliance on the national grid and fluctuating energy prices. By installing solar panels, your businesses can benefit from a healthier for the environment rather than relying on electricity produced using fossil fuels. And as this is self-generated it will lead to a decrease in your business energy costs too.

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Why have Solar Panels installed?

  • It’s simple and easy to install to fit to roofs and ground space.
  • It connects to other technologies such as Battery Storage and Electric Vehicle Charging for your electricity needs.
  • It can be easily monitored via Energy Monitoring software so that you can see the energy generating benefits of solar panels.
  • It’s a great way to raise the green credentials of your business.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.

The cost of Solar Panel Installations

Solar power is currently the cheapest form of renewable technology to produce in the UK. For this reason, it has become widely accepted to be the best option throughout the world for businesses looking to reduce their energy bills while going green. The cost of installing solar panels depends on a variety of factors, including the:

  • Size of your roof or available land.
  • Size of solar panel system required.
  • Direction of your roof in relation to the sun.
  • Angle of your roof.
  • Type of solar panels required.


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How Solar Panels Work

Electricity Generation

Daylight hits the solar panels photovoltaic system and converts this into electricity.


The inverter converts the solar panels electricity from direct current to alternating current for use in your building.


Renewable energy is used during the day and at night when the sun has gone down, electricity can then be imported as normal using power from the national grid – unless you also have a battery storage system installed.

Grid Connection

Connection to the electricity network allows any excess power generated by the solar panels to be fed back to the grid. Good for business. Good for the environment.

We can also help with…

G59 Control

Getting access to connect to the grid can be difficult. At Low Energy Services, we can handle this for you by applying for this on your behalf, dealing with all application details.


You can view your renewable energy generation online with real-time monitoring systems. That way you can see exactly how efficient your solar panel install is working.


To give you peace of mind, we offer ongoing maintenance to ensure your solar panel system is always running at maximum efficiency.

solar installer for business