North Facing Solar Installations

Traditionally, solar panels have been positioned south-facing to capture the most direct sunlight.

However, advancements in solar technology have opened doors for North-facing installations to be a viable option, especially when paired with energy-saving strategies.

At Low Energy Services, we understand that maximising your business energy efficiency isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we’re proud to offer innovative North-Facing Solar Installations alongside our comprehensive low-energy services.

North Facing Solar Installations

Why Choose North-Facing Solar?

  • Year-Round Energy Production: North-facing solar panels capture diffused sunlight throughout the day, even in winter when the sun is lower in the sky. This provides consistent energy production, reducing reliance on the grid during peak usage hours.
  • Reduced Cooling Costs: North-facing panels act as a natural shade for your roof, lowering your home’s temperature and decreasing your air conditioning needs during hot summer months.
  • Ideal for Shade-Limited Roofs: If your roof has obstructions or limited south-facing space, North-facing panels can be a great way to utilise available areas and still generate solar power.

North-facing solar panels are just one piece of the puzzle. We offer a range of solar solutions to complement your solar installation and maximise your energy savings:

  • Energy Audits: Our experts will assess your home’s energy usage and identify areas for improvement.
  • Energy-Efficient Upgrades: We recommend and install energy-saving features like LED lighting, smart thermostats, and insulation to further reduce your energy consumption.
  • Battery Storage Solutions: Store excess solar energy generated during the day for use at night or during peak grid hours.

Benefits of Choosing Low Energy Services

Our solar installation team is highly trained and certified to ensure your North-facing solar installation is efficient and meets all safety standards.

We work with you to design a system that fits your businesses specific needs and budget while offering a variety of financing options to make solar power an accessible choice for your business.

Contact us today for a free consultation! We’ll discuss your options for North-facing solar installations and create a personalised plan to help you achieve your business energy independence goals.

Together, let’s power your home efficiently and sustainably!

Solar Installations and Battery Storage Solutions

We are Low Energy Services. A solar PV and battery storage installer based in Glasgow and serving Scotland and England for businesses and commercial premises looking to make financial savings and reduce their carbon footprint by installing green energy solutions.

Our solar installation services cover Scotland and England primarily focused on commercial installations for businesses that have roofing space that they can take advantage of solar power.

Interested in solar panel installations for your business?

We offer a no obligation remote survey of your property with a view to arranging an initial quotation for a Solar PV and Battery Storage System where suitable. The process includes:-

  • Remote desktop survey of your property
  • Prepare initial quotation for Solar PV System
  • Arrange a suitable time for a Zoom video call to discuss your bespoke quotation.
  • Arrange a site survey if there is sufficient interest in installing the Solar PV System.
  • Arrange final quotation where we can explain, in full, the benefits of the Solar PV System.

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