Our latest commercial solar pv install is nearly complete

2023 is advancing at quite a pace and with the constantly growing demand for commercial solar panel installations, the Low Energy Services team have been busy completing yet more solar panel installations for businesses across Scotland and the North of England.

We are nearly complete with our latest solar panel install job in Eurocentral and while we will be sure to add a case study for the job in due course, we wanted to share progress on the install job because in just 5 days, we have managed to complete the fitting of 565 solar panels to this one roof!

Commercial solar panel installers like ourselves are better equipped to handle to large scale solar panel installations like this yet even we were impressed at the outstanding work our team have completed to get this job done.

Once complete, the solar panel system will be running at 217kwp and will generate 187,000 kWh of energy every single year.  By moving to a greener energy solution, the business located in the Eurocentral industrial estate will be reducing their Co2 output by over 70,000KG per year.  A huge boost as more and more businesses just like them embrace solar panels as a clean and efficient way to generate electricity that helps reduce their business costs while moving us all towards net-zero just that little bit quicker.

Eurocentre Solar Panel Installation

The energy sector currently accounts for roughly a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions. We need to move away from coal and other polluting forms of energy generation as quickly as possible.  Solar PanelsBattery Storage Systems and EV Charging Systems are real world ways that we can move away from our reliance on fossil fuels while allowing businesses to take more control over their energy costs. We need to scale up the use of solar power and become more efficient in how we use it and store it with battery storage solutions that can help reduce businesses needs for the national grid and the various coal power plants across the UK.

Solar power is a cheap, clean energy solution that has real green benefits and is proven to lower your energy bills.

The UK solar capacity now exceeds 15 gigawatts!!! That’s 15000000000 watts of electrical energy generated purely from the sun.

To put that into perspective, this is almost four times the power output of the largest electrical power station currently operating in the UK (Drax Power Station).

Investing in the future

While the economy may be in turmoil, the growth of solar power in the UK is growing and with fossil fuel uncertainty, investing in solar power is now seen as a safe and secure investment for commercial businesses looking for stability in their energy supplies. Coupled with the benefits of battery storage systems which is a form of solar power storage, businesses can remove themselves from the national grid and become truly energy independent.

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At Low Energy Services, we offer an extensive portfolio of green energy services and are one of the leading solar panel installers in Scotland and North England. As well as solar panel installers and battery storage system fitters, we can provide a range of green energy solutions covering everything from energy monitoring, control strategy analysis, building heat leakage analysis, design, supply, installation and maintenance of renewable technologies to general advice on how to make your building as efficient as it can be.

Based in Glasgow, we design and install energy capturing and storing systems for businesses who are looking to reap the financial benefits of solar and battery storage solutions while reducing their carbon footprint and lowering their companies yearly energy costs.

We are experts in the design and installation of solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging systems and have a proven track record for delivering green energy solutions for businesses and property owners looking for bespoke low carbon electricity generating systems. To find out more about how Low Energy Services can benefit you as you move to greener, cheaper technology, please get in touch.