A step by step guide to installing solar panels

While each solar panel installation job is different, there is a general step by step guide that can be followed for installing solar panels onto a properties roofing.

A standard installation on a conventional tiled roof can take about two days.  Because the work is done on the outside of a home, we can be restricted by weather variables in the same way that a roofer can be limited by when they can access a roof.  We only need access to your home to install the inverter and run a cable from the system to the electric meter and consumer unit.

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Fixing solar panels to the roof

Step 1.

We firstly remove certain slate tiles from your roof to gain access to the roofing rafters.  This is where we attach mounting brackets.  Once this is done, we refit the tiles to ensure your home is still 100% protected from the elements.

Step 2.

We then fit rails to the mounting brackets that will support the solar panels that we will be installing.

Step 3.

The solar panels are then fitted to this rail (there has to be a set margin between the solar panels and the edge of the roof) with specially designed bolt clips that enable to solar panels to be removed quickly and easily for any future maintenance and repair work without needing to take the entire row of panels away.  Each solar panel is connected in a ‘string’ together using electrical cables connected behind each panel.

Step 4.

This string is then fed under a pre determined point in the roof where it is then connected to the inverter.

Once this is done, the hard work is complete.

Step 5.

The string cable that has been fed into the home is then connected to two DC isolators which are then connected to the inverter. The inverter only needs to be accessed for maintenance purposes.

Once this is complete, you are able to bask in the glory of green energy generated directly from the sun.

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