What is solar power storage?

Solar power storage is as the name suggests, the storage of energy generated by the sun.

This is not just battery storage.  Solar energy can be stored in various ways including in batteries, through heat and in the natural word, in plants.

Solar power generated by solar panels is electricity that can either be immediately used or stored in batteries.  Battery storage comes in different sizes and formats and is an efficient way of storing energy that can then be used when the sun is not shining.

Solar energy can also be converted into heat and stored in the likes of sand.  These solar thermal power plants are one of the most promising green energy methods currently being developed.

Solar power storage is vital as we harness the suns energy and use it to make green energy solutions that can power our devices, heat our homes and charge our vehicles as we move closer to net-zero.

The benefits of solar power storage

There are three main benefits to solar power storage:

  • Storage of excess energy
  • Lower your electricity use from the national grid
  • Provide 24 hour/round the clock green energy (for when the sun stops shining)

If your solar panels produce more energy than your property needs, the excess energy can be stored in batteries and used as and when you need it. It can also be used as a back up in the event of a power outage.

How battery storage works

Link devices

Energy is produced, converted and fed to the distribution board through renewable technology.

Charge the battery

Electricity is supplied to your property as normal. When this exceeds demand a control system diverts the power to the battery.

Utilise the battery

Once immediate electricity demand exceeds generation levels, power will be drawn from the battery.


When the battery is full, any surplus electricity is fed back to the grid as normal.

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