Energy crisis driving demand in solar power

The UK solar capacity now exceeds 15 gigawatts!!!

That’s 15000000000 watts of electrical energy generated purely from the sun.

To put that into perspective, this is almost four times the power output of the largest electrical power station currently operating in the UK (Drax Power Station).

As the global energy crisis continues, more and more domestic homeowners and commercial businesses in Scotland and England are turning to Solar Panel Installation and Battery Storage Solutions as a real world solution to lowering their annual energy costs.

The economic crisis that has been caused by soaring electricity and gas prices has led to the UK solar panel market having more than doubled in the last 12 months.  And there is no sign of this growth slowing down as we move towards net zero faster and faster.

Solar power is a cheap, clean energy solution that has real green benefits and is proven to lower your energy bills.

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The growth of the solar industry in numbers

Based on research conducted by Solar Media Ltd and featured in an article by Solar Energy UK, 164 megawatts of solar generating panels were fitted to residential rooftops between January and June of this year.  In the whole of 2021, the total megawatts of solar power fitted for domestic properties was 153W! And as the energy crisis worsens, this will only increase as more and more homeowners look to a more secure and green way of powering their homes electrical needs.

This growth is not limited to residential properties.  In the most recent quarter (April to June), a total of 97W of solar panel generating energy was fitted to commercial rooftops.  This is more than any quarter since 2019 and is almost double the amount fitted last year. While these statistics are for rooftop fitted solar panels, ground mounted solar farms in the UK have gained 140MW of capacity.  Almost TRIPLE the amount from the same time last year. Despite supply chain issues and the increased cost in materials, the energy crisis has seen the cost of power from the national grid substantially increase meaning that the benefits of switching to solar power have only increased.

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Investing in the future

While the economy may be in turmoil, the growth of solar power in the UK is growing and with fossil fuel uncertainty, investing in solar power is now seen as a safe and secure investment for residential and commercial businesses looking for stability in their energy supplies. Coupled with the benefits of battery storage systems which is a form of solar power storage, homeowners and businesses alike can remove themselves from the national grid and become truly energy independent.

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