Harnessing Daylight Savings

Boosting Solar Energy Usage for Businesses in the UK

As the United Kingdom transitions between daylight saving time and standard time twice a year, there’s more at play than just resetting clocks. Beyond the convenience of adjusting schedules, these time changes offer a unique opportunity for businesses to optimise their utilisation of solar energy. As one of the leading solar pv installers for businesses up and down the UK, let’s explore how the clock changes in the UK can benefit businesses seeking to harness the power of the sun for their energy needs.

Extended Daylight Hours

The shift to daylight saving time in spring brings longer daylight hours, with evenings illuminated well into the evening. For businesses relying on solar energy, this extended period of sunlight presents an ideal opportunity to maximise energy generation. Solar panels have more time to capture sunlight, converting it into clean, renewable electricity. Consequently, businesses can expect increased energy production during daylight hours, reducing their reliance on grid-supplied electricity and lowering overall energy costs.

Alignment with Peak Energy Demand

Daylight saving time also aligns more closely with peak energy demand periods, particularly during the warmer months when air conditioning usage surges. As businesses operate for longer under natural daylight, their energy consumption patterns may shift, with a greater proportion of energy needs being met by solar power during daylight hours. This can help businesses offset the peak demand on the grid, reducing strain on the electrical infrastructure and potentially mitigating the need for costly peak-time energy tariffs.

Enhanced Energy Resilience

The utilisation of solar energy coupled with daylight saving time enhances energy resilience for businesses. By diversifying their energy sources and incorporating solar power into their energy mix, businesses become less vulnerable to disruptions in the grid supply, such as blackouts or price fluctuations. Our Solar energy systems, equipped with battery storage solutions, can store excess energy generated during daylight hours for use during periods of low sunlight or high demand, ensuring a reliable and uninterrupted power supply.

Cost Savings and Sustainability

One of the most significant advantages of leveraging solar energy during daylight saving time is the potential for cost savings and environmental benefits. Solar power reduces businesses’ reliance on fossil fuels, thereby lowering greenhouse gas emissions and contributing to mitigating climate change. Moreover, by generating electricity on-site from renewable sources, businesses can hedge against future energy price volatility and reduce their long-term operational costs, enhancing their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Solar PV Installations

The clock changes in the UK, particularly the transition to daylight saving time, provide businesses with a valuable opportunity to optimise their utilisation of solar energy. By capitalising on extended daylight hours, aligning with peak energy demand periods, and leveraging government incentives, businesses can enhance their energy resilience, reduce operational costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future. As the UK continues its transition towards a low-carbon economy, solar energy stands poised to play an increasingly vital role in powering businesses and driving economic growth. And at Low Energy Services, we can guide you through the entire process of getting solar pv installed for your business.

Moving to green energy generated by solar panel installations for your commercial business has huge potential savings you can make on energy bills; and all by putting your unused roof space to good use.

Solar panels for commercial purposes can save your business money on their energy bills while presenting opportunities to sell surplus power back to the national grid and giving your business financial stability in the ever chaotic energy market. At Low Energy Services, we are a leading commercial solar panel installer covering Scotland and the North of England. We have worked with commercial businesses big and small ranging from office building solar panel installs to multi site systems for well known fast food chains.

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If you would like to know more, simply get in touch and our team can talk you through all the finance options and potential savings for your business.