Solar PV Power Purchase Agreements

Our commitment to green energy services allows us to provide customers with a completely free, fully fitted and maintained solar PV system through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

What does this mean?

It means that we will complete the full design and installation of a commercial grade solar PV system for your business premises so that you can make an immediate switch to green energy without having to invest in the initial cost of purchasing or fitting solar pv systems. Instead, you can commit, through a PPA, to buying discounted electricity directly from us at an agreed upon rate for a fixed length of time. And we take care of the rest.

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What is a PPA?

A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is a financial agreement which allows companies like yours to purchase solar energy generated electricity from companies like us with NO UPFRONT COSTS.

This allows you to take advantage of the many benefits of solar energy without having to invest in the initial purchasing and installation costs. It also means that you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the solar panel system as we take care of that as well.

How PPA works step by step

Step 1
We will review your current electricity usage and pricing.

Step 2
With this data, we will provide you with  a bespoke PPA proposal based around your businesses needs. It will clearly show the financial savings and carbon reductions that you can expect during the agreement.

Step 3
Once this is agreed upon, you then lease the roof space of your office building to us, thus entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Step 4
Our design team create the set layout for the new solar panel installation before the installation team complete the fitting of your new Solar PV system. All with minimal disruption to the day to day working activities of your business.

Step 5
You can now enjoy both reduced energy bills, no maintenance costs and stress free solar power operations for the agreed upon lease time of the PPA.

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What happens then?

Once the PPA has expired, you can either extend the PPA, have them removed, or take full ownership of the solar power system and continue to operate the system for the remainder or its expected lifecycle.

What if the business moves?

The PPA can be transferred to the new business occupants of the property should your business need to move to new premises.

What are the benefits to us?

We, as the developer sell you the power generated by the solar panels at a fixed rate that is typically lower than the local utility providers retail rate. We as the developer receive the income from the sale of the electricity generated from the solar panels.

What are the advantages of a PPA?

Beyond the obvious cost savings of having a solar panel system designed, installed and maintained for c.25 years, there is also the added peace of mind that your electricity costs will be fixed for that period of time. With electricity prices continually going up and estimates suggesting that it will more than double in the next 15-20 years, having a PPA in place will see your business make financial savings continually through the full timeline of the PPA.

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