When were solar panels invented?

You may think of solar panels as a relatively new technology but in actual fact, solar panels have been around for well over a century.

A French physicist Edomon Becquerel is the first recorded observer of the photovoltaic effect whereby electric current is generated when exposed to light or radiant heat. This was in 1839!

By 1860, the first patents for solar powered vehicles but it was not until the 1880s that the first patents were filed for anything resembling what we know today as solar panels. One of the first solar panels installed was in a rooftop in New York in 1884!

It is understandable that this early technology was somewhat limited.  The energy conversion of the first solar panels was only 1-2% compared to more modern solar panels which are more than 20%.

The materials used in those early solar panels has been completely replaced with more advanced material science to help improve the efficiency of solar panels and make them a viable, real world alternative to fossil fuel generated electricity.

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