Project Dragonfly

Location: Glasgow
System Size: 23.04 kWp
Panels: 72 x 320w panels

Low Energy Services were contracted to design, supply, install and commission a completely bespoke solar PV system for the new build open space being created in the centre of Glasgow city centre.

The solar panels fitted are frameless solar panel designs and have a high level of transparency – ideal for the unique nature of the new site.

The Low Energy Services Solar Panel installation team installed 72 320w solar panels which, when fully installed is generating around 19000 kWh of energy per annum!

The design process for the solar panel installation took slightly longer than a traditional installation project as the mounting system was bespoke for the job and was supplied by UK company Sunfixings.

The installation of the frameless solar panels was a challenging process due to the fact there was no roof for our fitting team to stand on. This meant that we had to use mobile platforms, installing the entire system from below.

At Low Energy Services, we offer an extensive portfolio of green energy services for domestic and commercial locations. Based in Glasgow and providing energy solutions across Scotland and England, we can work on projects big, small and unique; creating green energy solutions that covering everything from energy monitoring, and solar panel installation to general advice on how to make your building as efficient as it can be.

We are experts in the design and installation of solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging systems and have a proven track record for delivering green energy results for businesses and property owners looking for bespoke low carbon electricity generating systems.

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The installation of solar panels can require initial investment capital which can put some companies off the idea. What if there was another way?

A PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is a financial agreement which allows companies like yours to purchase solar energy generated electricity from companies like us with NO UPFRONT COSTS.

This allows you to take advantage of the many benefits of solar energy without having to invest in the initial purchasing and installation costs. It also means that you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the solar panel system as we take care of that as well.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules harness energy from the sun and generate this into electricity for use in and around your building. Solar Photovoltaics do not require direct sunlight but rather depend on daylight to produce electricity, meaning a system can provide energy all year around, even on a cloudy day.

This makes them ideal for businesses in Scotland and the North of England who are looking to go green and save money on their businesses electricity bills.

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