Pigeon proofing solar panels

You can’t stop a bird from briefly landing on your roof but when they decide to set up a nest, it can present significant structural and health problems.

Pigeons can reproduce in large numbers throughout the year and can exploit the smallest of gaps to turn into a new home for their nest.  Because pigeons tend to have life partners, they also tend to stay in the same place for their life span.  The pigeon fouling can present real health concerns as pigeon faeces is known to contain harmful diseases such as a flu like illness called psittacosis.

Long story short – pigeons are not something you want on your property setting up a nest and installing solar panels can present a warm, sheltered space for them to set up home.  But that is why, with every single domestic solar panel installation job we do, we fit pest control netting around all the edges of the solar panels that we fit as standard!

solar panel pest control solutions

Solar panel systems should have a life expectancy of around 25 years if properly looked after and we want to make sure that your solar panel installation stands the best chance of meeting those dates.  Which is why we fit pest control netting as standard with every domestic job we do.  The heat from a solar panel can present an attractive spot for birds which is why pest control netting is so important.

Because solar panels are ‘self cleaning’ (based on your property roof being more than 15 degrees in angle, ensuring that pigeons are not able to nest in your roof are one of the few maintenance concerns you should ever have with solar panels.  We generally advise our customers to have their solar panels checked over every 5 years as part of a maintenance plan but solar panels truly are one of the least stressful ways of lowering your energy bills, going green and even making money by selling excess energy back to the national grid.

From survey and design, through to installation and maintenance, we offer turnkey green energy solutions for businesses across Scotland.

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