New Top Golf Location is open

You will no doubt have seen it in the news but if you haven’t, the new Top Golf Driving Range in Glasgow is now open.

We are of course more interested in solar panels than we are refining our golf shot but we are excited about this new venue opening because we were the company involved in installing the new solar panels for the Top Golf Glasgow location.

Located just off the M74 in Glasgow’s South Side, the 45,000 sq ft three level venue has 72 climate controlled hitting bays, a bar, restaurant and other entertainment.  All of which can now call upon the electricity generated by the Solar Panels that we have installed.

You can read more about the work we did for Top Golf in our case study using the link below.

Top Golf Case Study

Power your business with energy from the sun

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules harness energy from the sun and generate this into electricity for use in and around your building. Solar Photovoltaics not require direct sunlight but rather depends on daylight to produce electricity, meaning a system can provide energy all year around, even on a cloudy day. Solar photovoltaic systems produce energy on site which reduces your reliance on the grid. This is healthier for the environment than relying on electricity produced using fossil fuels, and as this is self-generated it can lead to a decrease in energy costs too.

The cost of Solar Panels

Solar power is currently the cheapest form of renewable technology to produce, which is why it is widely accepted to be the best option throughout the world. However, the overall cost can depend on a variety of factors, including the:


  • Size of your roof or available land
  • Size of system required
  • Direction of your roof
  • Angle of your roof
  • And the type of panels required

At Low Energy Services, we offer an extensive portfolio of green energy services. As well as solar panel installers and battery storage system fitters, we can provide a range of green energy solutions covering everything from energy monitoring, control strategy analysis, building heat leakage analysis, design, supply, installation and maintenance of renewable technologies to general advice on how to make your building as efficient as it can be.

To find out more about how Low Energy Services can benefit your business as you move to greener, cheaper technology, please get in touch.