How to use excess energy from your solar panels

Green energy is a fast growing and fast developing industry.  With every day, solar panels are becoming more efficient meaning that we can convert more of the suns energy into usable electrical power for our homes and businesses.

This increase in power generation now means that with properties fitted with solar power, they are generating more energy than they need for that one home.  This can then be passed onto the National Grid helping you to earn money from your solar panel investment.  However, did you know that if you install an immersion power diverter, you can utilise any excess energy produced by your solar panels and use it to power your immersion heater – further maximising your financial savings by having solar panels installed?

Immersion Power Diverters are quick to install and affordable.  Meaning that you can get a great return from the low installation cost.

solar immersion diverter for solar panels

Most home owners and businesses don’t use all of the solar energy gathered by the installed solar panels and this energy can be redirected. Immersion Diverters, also known as Immersion Optimisers are a relatively simple device that allows you to further enhance your solar panels potential.  Immersion Diverters monitor the energy being generated by your solar panels and if more energy is being generated that you are currently using.  The diverter diverts (hence the name) that excess energy into your immersion heater.

What does that means?  It means that you get free hot water.  An invaluable benefit of having solar panels installed.  Especially as the cost of fossil fuelled gas and oil is on the up.

The money you can generate from solar panels and then sell to the National Grid does change and the cost at which you can sell that energy is always going to be less than the cost of electricity that homes have to buy in.  This means that the more FREE energy you can use yourself, the more financial gains you make.

The immersion diverter monitors your energy harvesting through a sensor connected between your properties main meter and consumer unit.  If your homes solar batteries are full and the home is not currently using the full amount of energy being generated, the device diverts the flow of energy to power the properties immersion heater in the hot water tank instead.

If the amount of energy that the home requires increases (for example you turn on an electric oven), the immersion diverter will reallocate energy back, prioritising the homes electricity needs first.

Immersion Diverters are easy to install and DO NOT need to be fitted as the same time as solar panels are installed.  In fact, an inverter can be fitted in around 30 minutes!  And the financial savings that an Immersion Inverter can generate means that they easily pay for themselves within around two years.  All while reducing your properties dependence on the gas boiler system both for fossil fuel burn and reduced parts usage (meaning your boiler can last longer).


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