Even with short notice, we deliver

When a customer decided to DOUBLE the solar panel install with a weeks notice, our team rose to the challenge.

We are incredibly proud of our installation team at Low Energy Services. The quality of the solar panel installation work that we can deliver truly is of the highest standards. And as more and more businesses in the UK look to solar power as a real alternative to keeping their energy costs under control, our commercial solar power installation services are in higher demand than ever. But while no two installation jobs are the same, there is a consistent ‘step by step’ process to each install job.  But what if that process changes?

That is exactly what happened last month when our team went above and beyond their normal high standards and delivered when the pressure was sky high.  During the installation of a new solar panel system for a business in Hillington Industrial Estate, Glasgow, the client decided they wanted to DOUBLE the size of the solar panel system with only a weeks notice.

With only one week to get the roofing work complete as part of the overall construction process, the deadline was tight but we managed to deliver yet again.  How did we manage to do this?  Because at Low Energy Services, quality matters and we put huge value in the skills of our team.  As a specialist contractor with a dedicated team, we can work to tighter schedules, support other contractors with their contract delivery deadlines and so much more. So when the client requested the increased size in their solar panel installation, we simply needed to put our heads down and get to work.

We are experts in the design and installation of solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging systems and have a proven track record for delivering green energy results for businesses looking for bespoke low carbon electricity generating systems.  As one of the fastest growing solar panel installers in Scotland, we have received a commendation for our solar panel installation work at the Energy Efficiency Awards 2022 further  highlighting our capabilities in commercial solar power installations that deliver for our clients, regardless of the challenges.

Solar panel install job in Hillington, Glasgow