Commendation for our Solar PV Installations

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We are delighted to announce that we have received a commendation for our Solar Panel installation work from the Energy Efficiency Awards 2022 in Scotland.

As we move towards Net-Zero, awards such as this help to recognise the important work that so many businesses such as ours are doing in moving businesses and homes away from carbon intensive energy sources such as coal and gas and on to renewable energy solutions like Solar PV installations.

As one of the fastest growing solar panel installers in Scotland, we are delighted to be commended for our work by the Energy Efficiency Award Body. Having worked on solar panel installation jobs both big and small for businesses and domestic in Scotland, we are proud that our quality service has been recognised by an official body to go along with the long list of glowing recommendations and testimonials that we have accumulated from happy customers over the years.

As gas and electricity prices keep going up, the benefits of solar panels are becoming even more well known.

Solar energy does not produce greenhouse gases or pollute our water supply. It does not create noise pollution and requires little in the way of maintenance compared to other green energy solutions.

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With the latest in solar panel technology, as long as there is sunshine, solar energy can be captured and used. Scotland has anywhere between 1000 and 1500 hours of sunshine per year depending on where you are and those are all hours that can be used to generate energy collected from the sun to be used or stored in a battery system.

Generating your own electricity with solar panels means that you will rely less on ‘the grid’. This will translate into savings on your energy bill and if you sell unused electricity back to the grid, it can become a helpful financial source of income. The more energy you capture from solar panels, the less you need from the national grid.

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At Low Energy Services, we provide an extensive portfolio of services and solutions such as energy monitoring, control strategy analysis, building heat leakage analysis, design, supply, installation and maintenance of renewable technologies, and general advice on how to make your building as efficient as it can be.

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