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Local Energy Scotland is the organisation that manages CARES – the Scottish Government’s Community and Renewable Energy Scheme.

They offer a range of financial support to local energy projects looking to help Scotland switch to renewable energy. The Scottish Government’s Scottish Energy Strategy sets its vision for the future energy system in Scotland, and has set a target for Scotland to generate 2GW of locally owned energy by 2030. So the more that Local Energy Scotland can help with green endeavours, the better.

Local Energy Scotland Link for Low Energy Services

And we are delighted to be listed on the website. As a MCS Certified Contractor (Certification number NIC5917) we are always looking for ways that we can assist businesses that want to move away from carbon intense energy generation (ie. coal power plants) and take their energy demands into their own hands by having solar panels installed to their business address.

Solar panel installation is one of the easiest ways to go green.  And the benefits are not limited to simply helping the planet.  There are REAL cost savings to be made by switching to solar panels. The efficiency of solar panels has increased since the technology was first developed, allowing them to generate more power from the same amount of daylight. This technological progress helps offset the challenges posed by Scotland’s climate. Additionally, battery storage systems have become more accessible and affordable, enabling businesses to store excess energy generated during sunny periods for use during darker days and during night time. So despite the challenging weather conditions in Scotland, advancements in solar panel technology, supportive government policies, and the growing urgency to combat climate change have made solar panels a viable and beneficial option for businesses looking to take control of their energy costs. By generating power from solar panels and storing the excess energy for use later (or even sell it back to the national grid), businesses can take control of their energy usage and even turn their solar panels into an asset for their business.

While it’s true that Scotland might not receive as much sunlight as sunnier regions, they don’t need it.  The efficiency of modern solar panels, coupled with the potential for energy storage, means that solar energy generation is a realistic option. As sustainability and environmental responsibility become paramount for businesses up and down Scotland, an increasing number of companies are turning to renewable energy sources to power their day to day operations. Solar energy has emerged as a viable and attractive option due to its clean and abundant nature.

At Low Energy Services, we pride ourselves on our service and the quality of our workmanship. Solar panel installation has become a hot topic in recent years as more and more businesses turn to solar as a reliable way of controlling energy costs and we endeavour to be the leaders in our industry by offering consistent quality and service.  Having originally founded as a green energy solution provider, we have grown to become one of the leading specialists in commercial solar installation in the country. Quality matters to us, which is why our entire installation team is made up of 100% full time Low Energy Services staff members. This dedication to quality allows us to have complete control over the quality of our work and respond faster to the requirements of our customers. We are not reliant on sub contractors and can therefore guarantee our work to the highest of standards.

If you would like to know more about our solar panel installation work for businesses up and down Scotland and the North of England, please contact us today.