Welcome to 2022

We are now back and ready to start 2022 in the exact same way that we finished 2021.

While the global Covid-19 pandemic is still causing many issues for us all, the growth in renewable energy solutions including solar power and battery storage has only increased.  After the COP26 event in Glasgow last year, more and more businesses are now looking to the advantages of solar panels as a genuine alternative to supplying their electrical needs.

At Low Energy Solutions, we are experts in the design and installation of solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging systems and have a proven track record for delivering green energy results for businesses looking for bespoke low carbon electricity generating systems.

2022 is just the next step in the transition away from fossil fuel powered energy and to a brighter, cleaner future as we aim to get to net-zero as fast as we can.

If you want to start 2022 with a more eco friendly approach then call us today and we can discuss the various green energy solutions that can help to reduce your carbon footprint while saving your business money at the same time.