The most efficient solar panels 2022

The efficiency of a solar panel is gauged by its ability to convert the sunlight it receives into electricity.

While solar panels have been in use for over 100%, we are still only just scratching the surface of what is possible with energy efficiency of solar panels.  Over the last few years, we have seen a bit jump in solar panel efficiency from around 15% to over 20%.  For some, this number may still seem quite small but this percentage jump represents a big positive step towards us moving away from carbon intensive methods of generating energy and becoming carbon neutral.

Solar PV Efficiency

A solar panel efficiency is rated based on the cell design and silicone type.  The design of the cell plays a very important part of the solar panels efficiency simply through the elimination of ‘busbar shading’.  The actual efficiency of the solar panel is measured under standard test conditions with a cell temperature of 25°C, a solar irradiance of 1000W/m2 and an air mass of 1.5.  Through these standard test conditions, the efficiency of a panel can be calculated.

Solar panels made from more advanced Interdigitated back contact (IBC) cells are regarded as the most efficient though understandably, cost more because of this.  There are other cell designs including Heterojunction (HJT), Half Cut and Multi-Busbar Monocrystalline PERC which have varying levels of efficiency.

As manufacturers further develop and refine the design and materials used in solar panels, efficiency gains are increasing every year.  In 2022, the current leader in efficiency of solar panels is Sunpower with their Maxeon 6 which has an energy rating of 22.8%.  Maximum efficiency however does not automatically mean that this is the best solar panel.  Just because a car has the fastest 0-60 time does not mean that it is the best for driving the kids to school.  Real world performance, reliability, quality and even manufacturer warranty are all factors that we take into account when we recommend solar panels to customers as part of a site survey.

Installing new solar panels

We are experts in the design and installation of solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging systems and have a proven track record for delivering green energy results for businesses and property owners looking for bespoke low carbon electricity generating systems.

Based in Glasgow and providing energy solutions across Scotland and England, we design and install energy capturing and storing systems for businesses and home owners who are looking to reap the financial benefits of solar and battery storage solutions while reducing their carbon footprint and lowering their yearly energy costs.

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