Solis Inverters

At Low Energy Services, we provide a top quality service and a big part of that comes with using top quality products. And that is why we use Ginlong brand Solis Inverters.

Established in 2005, Ginlong (Solis) Technologies has one of the biggest range of string inverters globally with their inverters converting DC to AC power. A vital part of the green energy process for solar panels.

With a high focus on research and development to keep pace with the high demands of the solar panel industry, they have been actively involved with national bodies to form 10+ national and industrial standards including two national standards. They are committed to a global vision built on product-centered engineering.

Offering safe and reliable inverters that allow customers to enjoy the many benefits of green energy life, we have been working using Solis products for many years and continue to do so because their quality and reliability are intertwined with our own values when it comes to installing green energy solar panels for our customers across Scotland.