How often should you clean solar panels?

Ensuring your solar panels are operating at maximum efficiency all year round.

Because the vast majority of domestic solar panel installations are on roofs with at least 15 degree slope, solar panels are generally deemed to be ‘Self Cleaning’.  That being said, cleaning solar panels can ensure the maximum amount of light absorption for energy conversion.  So the big question is – how often should you clean solar panels?

The true answer really depends on where you live.  If you live near lots of pine trees (for example) then the sticky sap can allow for faster dirt build up and your solar panels will need to be cleaned more regularly because of this.

The more it rains, the more mother nature is doing the hard work for you as well; especially in Scotland.  Though rain on its own is not enough!  Rain itself can leave residue on your panels that can lower their efficiency at converting light into energy.

cleaning solar panels

So how often should I clean solar panels?

There is no set timeline guide for how often you should clean your solar panels and thankfully, the actual cleaning of them is very straightforward.  For best practice, a simple clean once a year is sufficient to ensure your solar panels are able to maximise the solar potential during daylight hours.  Many window cleaning companies now offer solar panel cleaning services as part of their scheduled maintenance plan with customers.

Solar Panel Cleaning once a year

A simple once a year clean is enough for many owners of solar panel.  An annual clean can improve the energy output of your panels by around 10% (depending on how much dirt build up they accumulate in the calendar year).

Top Tip #1

If you are needing to remove any vegetation build up from your solar panels, gently wipe them away rather than brushing them off to prevent scratching the solar panel surface.

Top Tip #2

You will want to carry out the cleaning of solar panels in the morning or the evening.  During the peak sunlight hours of the day, solar panels can heat up quickly.

Top Tip #3

There are various cleaning solutions on the market for solar panels but similar to window washing, mild soap and a soft non abrasive sponge/cloth will do just fine.

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