Falkirk Installation

New Solar Panel Installation completed for commercial premises in Falkirk

The Low Energy team have recently completed the installation of a brand new solar panel system for this commercial premises in Falkirk.

With a total output of 23502 KWH, the new solar panel install will help the business reduce their CO2 output by 11046KG per year.  A great step as businesses up and down Scotland look to cut carbon emissions and move to Net Zero.

Location: Falkirk
System Size: 28.48
Output: 23502 KWH
CO2 reduction: 11046Kg/ Per Year
Panels: 85 JASolar 340w
Mounting: Renusol Standing seam
Inverter: Solis

The new solar panel installation work comprised of 85 JASolar 340w panels mounted onto a Runusol Standing System.  The solar panels are connected to a Solis inverter.

For businesses looking to make the leap to solar power, their are so many advantages ranging from reduced energy costs to lower carbon emissions and even the marketing benefits of going green. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules harness energy from the sun and generate this into electricity for use in and around your building. Solar panel system can provide energy all year around, even on a cloudy day in Scotland and produce energy on site which can significantly reduce your businesses reliance on the national grid and fluctuating energy prices. While many businesses in Scotland may dismiss solar panels as ineffective in Scotland because of the climate, solar pv systems only need daylight to generate electricity.  In fact, in hotter countries where many think that solar is better, the higher temperatures can actually lower the efficiency of solar panels.

By installing solar panels, your businesses can benefit the environment rather than relying on electricity produced using fossil fuels. And as this is self-generated it will lead to a decrease in your business energy costs too.

More and more buildings in Scotland are turning to Commercial Solar Panel Installation and Battery Storage Solutions as a real world solution to lowering their annual energy costs. In the heart of Falkirk, we have become one of the leading solar installers in the area, dedicated to delivering high-quality solar installations that empower businesses to embrace a greener future. We specialise in designing and installing solar panel systems that harness the power of the sun to generate clean, renewable energy. These solar systems not only reduce electricity bills for businesses but also contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions, making them a win-win solution for the environment.

The next step

As a commercial solar panel installer, we try to keep the process of having solar panels and battery storage systems installed as simple as possible.

No two commercial sites are the same just like no two solar panel install jobs are the same. But there is a process to working with Low Energy Services.

It starts with an Initial Conversation

Like with so many decisions for a business in Falkirk, hiring a solar panel installer and finding our the costs to install solar panels for your business all starts with a conversation. We speak directly to you to best understand what your business is looking for in green energy solutions.  For example, are solar panels on their own going to give your business the financial savings you may be looking for?  Or do you need to look at complimenting this with a battery storage system.  We have worked with a wide number of businesses across the UK who have solar panels, battery storage systems and EV charging installed so that they can maximise their green energy savings.

If you are considering having solar panels fitted for your business then the first step you need to make is to get in touch.  We can talk you through the process, what is involved, timelines and potential cost savings for your business. Whether you want to call us or email us is entirely up to you.  We work across the country so are happy to meet on site to assess your needs.  Simply click the button below to get the ball rolling.

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