Energy costs in the UK have hit their highest levels ever

Electricity prices in the UK reached the highest recorded level last month.

The cold winter we had in 2020/21, increased demand for LNG and a relatively calm summer have all contributed to increases in energy prices that are affecting businesses across the country.

While there have been contributing factors to make this issue more inflated, there is growing acceptance that energy prices will continue to go up in the years to come.

So what can be done about it?

By moving away from relying on the national grid, businesses can cut their energy costs by benefitting from Solar PV and Battery Storage Systems.

An on site, solar PV system can offer a cost effective solution to businesses that are looking to reduce their energy costs.  Turning to solar power is one of the most reliable ways to protect your business from the variable and unpredictable price increases in the future.

With such a volatile electricity market, having your own electricity generating source in the form of Solar PV can help power your business and lower your energy costs.  Battery Storage systems can charge during the night when electricity tariffs are low and can then be used during the day as a way of bypassing the higher tariffs that occur during the working day.

How can Low Energy Services help?

Solar power is currently the cheapest form of renewable technology to produce, which is why it is widely accepted to be the best option throughout the world. However, the overall cost can depend on a variety of factors, including the:

  • Size of your roof or available land
  • Size of system required
  • Direction of your roof
  • Angle of your roof
  • And the type of panels required

At Low Energy Services, we provide an extensive portfolio of services and solutions such as energy monitoring, control strategy analysis, building heat leakage analysis, design, supply, installation and maintenance of renewable technologies, and general advice on how to make your building as efficient as it can be.

Based in Glasgow and providing energy solutions nationwide, we have designed and installed energy  systems for multiple business sectors who are looking to explore the benefits of solar and battery storage solutions as a way of reducing their carbon footprint and reducing their energy costs.

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Image by Kelvin Stuttard from Pixabay