Edinburgh Solar Panel Installation

New solar panel system installed for a business in Edinburgh

We have now completed our most recent solar panel installation project for a business in Edinburgh that will help reduce their CO2 emissions buy a massive 99,000KG per year.

The Low Energy Solar Installers have been busy fitting just shy of 600 JA Solar panels onto the roof of this commercial property.  Each solar panel is rated for 335W and the total system is 200KWP to generate 169203 KWH for the client.

The JA Solar panels have been mounted onto a Renusol System and the entire solar panel system is connected to a Solis inverter.

Location: Edinburgh
System Size: 200kwp
Generation 169203KWH
CO2 Reduction: 99000KG/Year
Panels: 596 JA Solar 335w
Mounting: Renusol
Inverters: Solis


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With the volatile energy market, more businesses in Edinburgh have been turning to solar power as a real alternative to relying on the high costs of electricity from the national grid.  With solar panels and battery storage systems, businesses can take control of their energy costs and contribute to pushing the country towards net zero.

You may think that because your business is based on the East Coast of Scotland that solar panels won’t work. But with the latest in solar panel technology, as long as there is daylight, solar energy can be captured and used. Edinburgh has 1000 to 1500 hours of sunshine per year and those are all hours that can be used to generate energy collected from the sun.

In a city like Edinburgh with so many listed buildings, it is easy for businesses to dismiss the opportunity of having solar panels installed on the assumption that they would not be allowed to. Solar panels are subject to normal building regulations whether fitted for business, domestic or commercial use. This includes checking whether your existing roof can support the extra loads of a solar panel installation. At Low Energy Services, we can carry this out for you as part of our initial site survey.

How Much Do Commercial Solar Panel Installations Cost?

There is no easy answer when it comes to how much it costs to install solar panels for a business in Edinburgh. Size is the most important factor because the more energy you can generate from your solar panels, the quicker they will be paid off and the faster you can start becoming self reliant on producing your own electricity rather than relying on the national grid.

The more solar panels you can have, the more you can save on your electricity. But obviously, the more panels you have fitted, the higher the initial installation of solar panels cost will be.

If you would like to know more about solar panels and solar panel installations in Edinburgh, please contact us.