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New Solar Panel Installation for Engineering Firm

In what is our second successful installation project that we have completed as part of our collaboration agreement with Locogen, we have now installed a brand new solar panel system for Dustacco Engineering and their engineering works in East Ayrshire.

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The Solar Panel Installation

This new 50kwp installation took place over a two week period. While this is longer than we would usually take to install solar panels for a business, the installation work had to revolve around the companies Health and Safety requirements to ensure safety was maintained at all times. As part of this process, we arranged the shut down on a Saturday during out of hours so as not to interrupt their business activities. It is another great example of the lengths we will go to ensure a successful installation that does not get in the way of a businesses day to day operations.

Alongside Locogen, we worked around the requirements of the day to day running of the engineering firm, conducting shutdowns during out of hours and arranging deliveries of materials to complete the job at set times so as not to clash with the live activities of the business.

Experience where it counts

Our experience in solar panel installations has been gained working in Police Stations, Scottish Courts, Schools and an endless number of unique and varied business sites. So when it comes to working around our clients needs, we have experience where it counts.

The solar panel installation was completed by our in house installation team with on site management throughout liaising with the onsite management team.

The New System

The newly installed 50kwp Solar Panel system is made up of Trina solar panels supplied from CCL components. The solar panels were fitted to a Renusol Mounting System supplied by Glasgow Greentech.

There new solar panels are all connected through a Solis Inverter.

The new system will help Dustcatto Engineering to significantly reduce their energy bills whilst also helping to lower their carbon footprint.

With the latest in solar panel technology, as long as there is sunshine, solar energy can be captured and used. East Ayrshire has anywhere between 1000 and 1500 hours of sunshine per year and those are all hours that can be used to generate energy collected from the sun.

Business Solar Panel Installation

More and more businesses are looking into solar panels as a real way of controlling their energy expenses.

The volatile nature of the energy market has put many businesses on edge in recent years and for many, there seems little they can do about it.  But having solar panels installed on the roof of your businesses will allow you to control your energy expenses and even help your business to turn it into a revenue stream.

At Low Energy Services and we install solar panels and battery storage systems for businesses across Scotland and North England who want to reduce their reliance on the national grid, lower their energy costs and help reduce their carbon footprint.

solar power finance options

Finance Options

Whatever size your business is, the benefits of commercial solar installations are clear to see.

Solar power can significantly reduce a businesses energy costs while benefiting the environment. Yet with all the positives regarding solar panel installations, there is the initial hurdle of financing the initial cost of installing them.

At Low Energy Services, we are proud to be able to offer our customers multiple finance options through our financial partnership with Systems Finance so that your business can go green today rather than having to save for tomorrow.

Our range of finance options allow you to spread the costs into manageable payments and even have the solar panels installed for free if you sign up for a Solar PPA.

Solar Panel Finance Options

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