Dundee Property Solar Panel Install

Providing solar panel installations across Scotland, we have just completed our most recent install in Dundee.

This is a 54kw Solar PV system that uses 126 Trina Solar Panels supplied by CCL Components.

The installation was completed on two sections of roof to ensure maximum exposure to sunlight for the panels and therefore the most energy potential from the sun.  While solar panels only require daylight to generate electricity rather than sunlight (which makes them ideal for Scotland the variable weather that we have in this country), the solar panels were positioned to ensure the most efficient way of energy capture.

The Trina photovoltaic Solar Panels provide clean affordable and reliable energy and were connected through a Solis Inverter.

Our solar panel installers were responsible for the complete installation of the new system which required scaffolding to be erected to provide us with safe working space to complete the installation job.

As with all commercial solar panel installations that we provide, there is both a cost benefit and an environmental benefit. The Return On Investment (ROI) time for this installation is very short and will have paid for itself in only a short number of years.  All while reducing the buildings CO2 emissions every year for decades to come.

More and more buildings in Scotland are turning to Commercial Solar Panel Installation and Battery Storage Solutions as a real world solution to lowering their annual energy costs. Dundee, being the fourth biggest city in Scotland, and with a population of over 150,000 people has a huge number of currently empty roofs ideal for solar panel installers like ourselves to fit Solar PV systems that can lower energy costs while helping us to get to Net-Zero faster. As the global energy crisis continues, seeing soaring electricity and gas prices, it has led to the UK solar panel market having more than doubled in the last 12 months. And there is no sign of this growth slowing down.

Power your business with the energy of the sun!

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) modules harness energy from the sun and generate this into electricity for use in and around your building. Solar panel system can provide energy all year around, even on a cloudy day in Scotland and produce energy on site which can significantly reduce your businesses reliance on the national grid and fluctuating energy prices. By installing solar panels, your businesses can benefit the environment rather than relying on electricity produced using fossil fuels. And as this is self-generated it will lead to a decrease in your business energy costs too.

More and more businesses are looking into solar panels as a real way of controlling their energy expenses. And at Low Energy Services, we can provide the complete installation service for your business as you look to move to greener energy.  We pride ourselves on our service and the quality of our workmanship. Having originally founded as a green energy solution provider, we have grown to become one of the leading specialists in solar installation in Scotland and have completed many installation in Dundee for commercial businesses. Quality matters to us, which is why our entire installation team is made up of 100% full time Low Energy Services staff members who are Safe Contractor Approved and MCS Certified. This dedication to quality allows us to have complete control over the quality of our work and respond faster to the requirements of our customers. We are not reliant on sub contractors and can therefore guarantee our work to the highest of standards.

To find out more about the work our solar panel installers provide, you can browse other case studies on our website.  If you would like to know more about the process of what is involved in the fitting of solar panels, please contact our team who will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have.