Domestic Solar Panel Installers

Lower your monthly energy bills with solar panel installation that will save you money and help the country get to net-zero faster.

As we look to a future towards achieving net-zero, more and more of us are looking at having solar panels installed. Along with the cost benefits, solar panels are entirely clean and can stop nearly 2 tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere every year – just from the energy saved from your home.

Did you know you can apply for an interest free loan for solar panel installations in Scotland!

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Are solar panels going to save me money?

Prices of solar panels have dropped roughly 65% in the last decade. When you then take into account that the Smart Export Guarantee launched in January 2020 guarantees that all energy providers in the UK pay households for the energy generated by their solar panels sent to the national grid; this all means that it is cheaper to get solar panels installed and you are guaranteed to make money selling the excess energy your solar panels produce.  A win win.

By installing a new solar panel system to your home, you will be able to take more control of your monthly energy bills while potentially (depending on the size of your solar panel system), actually make money from selling exess energy back to the national grid.

Will they not lower the value of my home?

Solar panels can actually present a great selling point for a property. With energy prices rising at a scary rate, they are only increasing in popularity as a feature in a property. If potential buyers see that your home already has solar panels installed, this can immediately add value to the property.

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Working alongside Battery Storage Systems

Battery Storage Systems (also known as Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)) are energy storage devices that work in tandem with solar and wind energy generating devices such as Solar PV and which can then be utilised at any point by the company utilising the storage device.

Battery Storage Systems predominantly used Lithium-ion battery technology like those found in mobile phones, laptops and electric vehicles and allow the potential of Solar Power to be utilised 24/7. One of the big negatives of solar power has always been that they need the sun and during the hours of darkness, they cannot generate electricity for us. With battery storage systems, we can charge the battery during the day when there is sunlight and then utilise this stored energy in the night time when the solar panels are not able to complete this task – they are filling the energy gap and allowing businesses to us green energy 24 hours a day.