Does Green Energy create more jobs?

Around the world, more and more businesses are now turning to Solar energy, Battery Storage, EV Charging and other Green Energy solutions.

And this switch has helped to create a positive side effect in the increased number of jobs in the green energy sector.
The accelerated uptake of renewable energy is creating a prosperous industry with stable, well paid employment that is replacing fossil fuelled dependent areas.

With long term growth, renewable energy continues to bring socio-economic benefits that are backed up with hard facts stretching back over the last decade of growth in the industry.

Gas and Oil Industry jobs have been on the decline since 2012 and with clean energy becoming a more readily available option for businesses across Scotland, it is allowing the market to grow at a pace faster than ever before.

The benefits of switching to green energy are clear and transparent. With advancing technology, lower costs for installation and the consistently higher costs of gas and oil, switching to green energy has never been a smarter option.

This growth has seen the market expand and has allowed Low Energy Solutions to become one of the leading solar panel installers in Scotland. We offer an extensive portfolio of green energy services. As well as solar panel installers and battery storage system fitters, we can provide a range of green energy solutions covering everything from energy monitoring, control strategy analysis, building heat leakage analysis, design, supply, installation and maintenance of renewable technologies to general advice on how to make your building as efficient as it can be.

Based in Glasgow and providing energy solutions across Scotland and England, we design and install energy capturing and storing systems for businesses who are looking to reap the financial benefits of solar and battery storage solutions while reducing their carbon footprint and lowering their yearly energy costs.

We are experts in the design and installation of solar panels, battery storage and electric car charging systems and have a proven track record for delivering green energy results for businesses looking for bespoke low carbon electricity generating systems.

In this expanding sector, it is creating more and more jobs for qualified electricians who want to take a step into the green energy sector.