Do Solar Panels work in the snow?

You do not have to live in a hot country to be able to take advantage of the green energy benefits of Solar PV.

Just because Scotland is better known for it’s rain than it’s sunshine doesn’t mean that Solar PV doesn’t work in this country.  The efficient nature of modern solar panels means that even in Bonnie Scotland, Solar PV can generate a lot of green electricity from the sunlight come summer or winter.

solar panels and snow

You may be thinking though that when we get to winter, it is too cold and dark for Solar Panels to be viable.  Well, first off, you should think of the energy generated from a solar panel throughout the year.   Yes the winter days are shorter but then the summer days are a lot longer which can balance it out. Yes you will generate less power during the winter months but you are still generating power and you can more than make up for the darker days when July and August come around again.

However that is winter weather referring to darkness and the cold.  What about snow?

Well firstly, solar panels are designed to be able to handle the increased pressure of snow fall on a solar panel. These panels are designed to work in Ski Resorts and other Winter Wonderland destinations so are more than a match for the limited snow that we generally experience in Scotland.  However if snow covers the panels then you do have an issue.  If the solar panel can’t see the sun then it can’t generate electricity.  Most solar panels are tilted at an angle so even if snow build up does occur, it can usually slide off quite quickly.  When this is not the case, you can use a solar panel snow rake which is specially designed to remove snow from the Solar PV device without damaging the panels.  The average number of days that is snows in Scotland is 15-20 though with random weather events like ‘Beast from the East’ it is never a certainty that this is what we will get.  Fundamentally, in Scotland you do not have to overly worry about snow blocking or damaging your solar panels and while they may generate less electricity during a short winter day, the long summer days will more than make up for it in green electricity generation.

What about the cold winter weather?

Cold days are actually good for a solar panel.  Like many electrical installations, the cold weather is better than hot days for solar panels.  Yes there is less hours of sunlight but your solar panel can actually produce more energy per hour in cold weather.

The UK is number 8 in the world for Solar Panels and the proof is in the pudding.  You don’t need to be living in a hot country to take advantage of Solar Panels.  And with energy prices continually increasing, there is more potential than ever to make big savings in your energy bills.

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