Dalmellington Care Home

We are becoming something of an expert for the installation of solar panels for care homes as we have completed another successful installation of a solar panel system, this time for the Dalmellington Care Home in Ayr, Scotland.

Care homes are consistent energy users and with the dramatic increase in energy bills, they has wisely turned to solar power so that they can take back control of their energy bills, all whilst helping to lower their carbon footprint.

This installation was completed as part of our collaboration agreement with Locogen where by Low Energy Services have been appointed to supply and fit their installations. There is a good synergy between the companies with both being quality focused..

guaranteed quality service and installation from our Green Energy Team

Solar Panel Installation

This solar panel installation, as is expected of our team, was completed to the highest standards.  We can say that because our solar installation team are all full employed by Low Energy Services. This means that we can constantly monitor and quality check our work with on site Project management throughout to ensure the smooth running of the contract.

The newly installed solar panel system will generate over 45,000 kwh of energy. Because the care home requires so much energy, the vast majority of the solar generated energy will will be used onsite.

The 50kwp installation uses Trina solar panels which are connected through a Solis inverter supplied by CCL Components.

The benefit of solar power for Care Homes in the UK

In recent years, the adoption of sustainable and eco-friendly practices has gained momentum across various sectors, and care homes in the UK are no exception. One significant stride towards environmental responsibility is the integration of solar panels into care home facilities. And it is easy to understand why, with a myriad of benefits that solar panels can offer to care homes in the UK, ranging from cost savings to environmental stewardship.

One of the main advantages of installing solar panels in a care home is the substantial cost savings. With the ever-increasing energy prices in the UK, care homes can significantly reduce their electricity bills by turning to solar power. Solar panels generate clean and renewable energy, which not only decreases dependency on traditional energy sources but also provides a stable and predictable energy cost over the long term.

solar power finance options

The cost of solar panels for business

While there is an installation cost to solar panels, the financial benefits are easy to see and the return on investment point is a lot shorter nowadays because of the increased cost of energy from the national grid

While many businesses can finance the installation from start to finish, many businesses are turning to various other financial options that we can offer to help them spread the cost of solar panel installations out or, if they take advantage of a PPA, have them fitted for absolutely nothing.

Finance Options for fitting Solar Panels

A common concern for many businesses (Care Homes included) that are considering solar panels, is the upfront investment. At Low Energy Services we can offer a number of finance options that allow your business to take advantage of solar energy today.

To find out more about our range of Financial Options, please click the link below.

Finance Options

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