Commended Solar PV Installer of the Year

We were delighted to finish the month of June by attending the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow to receive a ‘Commended Solar PV Installer of the Year Award 2023.

Surrounded by so many of our friends in the industry including other solar panel installers in the Glasgow area, we had a lovely night that was capped off by being awarded the ‘Commended for PV Contractor of the Year’ award for 2023.

The Energy Efficiency Regional Awards are a big deal for many in the energy industry and from well know energy suppliers to smaller installers of solar panels, heat pumps, battery storage systems etc, we were delighted to be in there mixing it up with the big boys.

solar panel installer being commended for the work we do.

As more and more businesses turn to solar panel installations to take control of their energy costs, our installation services have been in higher demand than ever.  We are incredibly proud of how our reputation has allowed us to win new business as many of our customers recommend us so highly for the work we do.

Solar panels for commercial purposes can save your business money on their energy bills while presenting opportunities to sell surplus power back to the national grid and giving your business financial stability in the ever chaotic energy market. Yet with so many unknowns about switching to solar panels, we have always ensured that our customers know exactly what they are getting from solar panel installations.  At Low Energy Services, we are a leading commercial solar panel installer covering Scotland and the North of England. We have worked with commercial businesses big and small ranging from office building solar panel installs to multi site systems for well known fast food chains. And that experience and dedication to quality through all aspects of our customers dealing with us is what led us to the Awards ceremony and the Commended Award we received.

We will however not be relaxing, rather doubling down to constantly be the best solar panel installer in not just Glasgow but across Scotland. We pride ourselves on our service and the quality of our workmanship. Having originally founded as a green energy solution provider, we have grown to become one of the leading specialists in solar installation in the country. Quality matters to us, which is why our entire installation team is made up of 100% full time Low Energy Services staff members. This dedication to quality allows us to have complete control over the quality of our work and respond faster to the requirements of our customers. We are not reliant on sub contractors and can therefore guarantee our work to the highest of standards.

The proof it would seem is in the pudding.

Thank you to all the team at Low Energy Services.  Your continual hard work allows us to keep growing and be in contention for awards like this.  Now on to the next job.