Battery Installation

The Low Energy Team have been hard at work installing a new Puredrive Battery Storage System.

The Puredrive Energy Battery Storage System is a fully integrated AC battery storage system used primarily for residential use.

Using lithium ion phosphate battery cells, this 10 kWh energy storage system provides enough energy storage for most daily uses and the energy can be monitored remotely so that the owner can literally see the amazing benefits of battery storage systems and the reduced energy bills and clean green power it can offer.

Pure Drive Battery Instal


Puredrive Energy Battery Solutions

About Puredrive Energy Storage.

Puredrive Energy are a British company that designs, develops and builds there own range of battery storage systems. With elegant aethetically designed outer shells, the Battery Storage systems produced by Puredrive offer owners a good looking green energy solution that can cut down their energy bills by taking advantage of the low energy costs that battery storage systems can take advantage of.